Jan 2, 2012

New Years Eve LOTD

Hi, everyone Hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve!! Happy 2012 everyone!!

I want to share with you guys my New years Makeup Look and some pictures I took on New years Eve. Hope you enjoy:) XOXO Lorena

with my kiddos:)

My little model

My hubby

The Snookie .. My bro in law hooked it up it was bomb:)

I had a great time!! I'm so ready for 2012:)

upcoming post

My favorite Beauty products of 2011
My New years Resolutions


  1. yummm, have a drink for me i have to wait a few months to catch up lol

  2. haha I know what you mean Girl I had to wait a few years cause i was pregnant like for 2 years lol back to back hehe

  3. Nice DRINK!!!! =)
    Grear Look!

  4. Your makeup is beautiful! And I LOVE your outfit! You have like the best clothes!

  5. @ Hunter87 I thought the same thing with I saw it:) Thanks you doll:)

    @starryskies214 Thanks you doll!! You are always so sweet!!:)

  6. looks like you had a blast! happy new year

  7. So flawless girl! I love what you did with your hair - it looks so polished! You and your hubby are such a cute couple ;) Glad to see you had a good NYE!

  8. your eyes look AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!! I can't stop looking at them!

    & that drink is looking pretty good right about now considering I'm sitting at work lol

    xo Jackie

  9. Beautiful Family!! Those drinks look yummy!! R they just mikes in some crushed ice?? I want one now!! LOL

  10. I love your makeup and would never had thought you had all those kids! hehe. You look awesome, I definitely want that life

  11. You guys and gals LOOKED like you had an awesome time! That pic of you and your hubby is just too cute! :D