Mar 19, 2012

Dare to Compare :MAC vs Wet N Wild Look #1

Hello my lovely beauties! Today I bring to you One of the first Dare to compare MAC vs Wet N wild Post. I went thought all my Mac and WnW eye shadows to look for any Mac dupes beside the ones I knew of. I found some great ones that I didn't know of. I'm excited!! I want to share them with you guys in this series. I will be doing 2 looks exactly the same one using Mac and the other using WnW Mac dupes like that we can see and compare the difference. I will also be having swatches of the Mac Shadows I used and Of the WnW Mac dupes I used..I though this would be a Fun challenge and a great way to show that you don't need to spend a lot to look fabulous :) I hope you guys like the idea :) Xoxo Lorena Using Mac eye shadows
WnW Vanity gold color dupe for Goldmine,Light matte color dupe for Brule,WnW Comfort Zone left side second down dupe for Woodwink, left side third down dupe for Tempting,WnW I<3 Matte left side third down dupe for clarity
MAC Brule,MAC Goldmine,Mac Woodwink,Mac Tempting,Mac Clarity These are some great dupes right? There is no difference between both looks. If anything I would say WnW eye shadows are a little more pigmented then MAC and way more blend able.

Mar 11, 2012

Magenta lips

Hello dolls, I'm back with a simple eye look, but with a pop of magenta on the lips I'm loving it:) I used my WnW vanity palette for the eyes,for the lips I used Mac lip liner Magenta and Covergirl Divine lipstick. Hope you all had a great weekend:) XOXO Lorena