Feb 29, 2012

LOTD Using MAC Shadows

Hello, dolls today I went out to have dinner at Denny's with the family since we love Denny's and we receive a 29% off coupon for leap year day, we too advantage lol I did get all dolled up you know gotta look good for the hubby lol ;)so I decided to take out some of my Favorite MAC eye shadows which are Cranberry,Paradisco,Sketch,and Claire de lune. These are beautiful colors I cant believe I forgot about them. Well I'm in love again this combination of colors are just so pretty I love them.. I didn't do a tutorial for this look cause my battery was charging, but It's pretty much the same steps as my other picture tutorials. oh I did add Maybelline color tattoo in pomegranate punk to the crease with my finger then a white base on the lid before apply the eye shadows. Hope you guys like this look as much as I did.XOXO Lorena

Feb 27, 2012

Brown Smoky Eyes LOTD

Hello Beauties, Today I bring to you a Brown smoky eye using the Sephora bag palette, which I am loving:) This look to me could be worn day or night...This was my look of the day and I really loved it. If I was to wear this look for a night out or a spacial occasion I would change my hair style so the look could transform to a more glamorous look.. what would you do? Hope you guys enjoy this look,Your thoughts are always appreciated so let me know your thoughts thanks:) XOXO Lore

How to Tutorial using Sephora bag Palette

Start off with eyelid primer+ and white base. Then take Mac 229 and pack on color #1 onto the lid.

Then taking Mac brush 217 add color #2 into the crease and blending as your applying it using circular motion.

Taking the same brush add color #3 to the outer corner pack on the color just there, but at the same time kinda blend as your applying it so it can be easier to blend with the Mac 224 later.

now using Mac 224 dab into color #3 just a little and blend out the outer corner going into the crease lightly.

Take Mac 229 take a little of both colors #4 and #5 and highlight the brow bone. do the same for the tear duct.

take Mac 219 and add colors #1,2,and 3 underneath the lower lashes.

then add liner, shade in eyebrows, and mascara it all done:)

Feb 22, 2012

Greens for daytime using Sephora bag palette

Hi, lovely beauties Here is a look using the Sephora bag palette which I'm liking so far the colors are so pigmented:) Since I got it I saw the green colors and said to myself, I have to try those green colors first. so I did hehe:) I created this green look which I think is great for day time if you want some color:) Hope you guys like this look let me know your thought:) XOXO Lore

Picture tutorial using Sephora Bag Palette

Start with a primer and White base.

Take Mac 239 and apply color #1 on to the lid only.

Take Mac 217 and add color #2 onto the crease creating the shape you see in the picture:)

Take Mac 217 and add color #3 onto the outer corner and pack it on a few times don't blend yet.

Taking Mac 224 brush blend that dark green color smoothly into the crease and lightly above it, Them take Mac 217 and add color #4 above the crease to blend in any harsh lines.

Take Mac 239 and apply color #5 to the tear duck and blend up into color #2 lightly. Then using the same brush add color # 6 to the brow bone to highlight:)

Shade in eyebrows, apply liner, and mascara all done.

What colors would you like to see in my next look?? Please let me know in the comments:) Thank you:)

I love Purple/Giveaway # 2

Hey dolls, Well I didn't go any where,But I thought it would be nice to do a look using The WnW I love matte palette..Which is the palette I'm giving away for my second Giveaway yay!!of course it's new lol I'm using my own hehe more info at the end of the post.. I did do a tutorial <3 hope you guys like it as much as I did I'm totally rocking this look next time I go out I think it's very wearable day or night:) XOXO Lorena

Step By Step Tutorial

Let's start of with some eyelid primer.

then apply Maybelline color tattoo in Painted Purple apply it going above the crease.

Take Mac 239 and start packing on the purple color in the palette and at the same time kinda blending it in to cover everything nicely.

Then take Mac 217 And add the dark brown color right were the purple ends slowly blending it in about 2 times.

Now take Mac 224 and dab it in the peachy color and blend over and out the dark brown just like this.

using the Mac 239 and the lightest color on the right side to highlight the brow bone lightly.

using Mac 219 apply the purple color to the bottom lower lash line.
shade in eye brows, add liner, and mascara all done:)

I'm really enjoying doing this tutorials for you guys:) Hope you guys are enjoying them too:)

Giveaway #2 Yay!!

I<3Matte Wet n Wild palette + A surprise gift:)

All you have to do is

-follow my blog
-Leave a comment in the comment section :)
I will me putting all names in a basket on Monday 27,2012 and picking out one winner

Good luck:)

Feb 16, 2012

Haul/Naked 2 look Step by step Tutorial

Hello, Lovely beauties..Today I bring to you 2 new eyeshadow palettes. My hubby bought them for me on Valentine's day. I got the Naked 2 & Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette,I'm excited to try them out!! I'm very lucky to have a wonderful hubby that loves me very much and that spoils me lol=D

I know a some of you own the Naked 2 palette,and I heard so many good things about it. Well I tried it myself and I love it!! I was missing out lol

Have any of you try the sephora bag Palette?? I'm excited to try
it out!!! The colors look Amazing:)

Ok so here is my first look using Naked 2 palette. I did do a step by step tutorial it's after the pictures. Hope it's helpful and you guy like it. Please let me know what you guys think in the comment section?? Thanks XOXO Lore

Step by Step Tutorial using Naked 2 palette.

Apply primer I used Smashbox eyelid primer.

Pack on Foxy on to the eyelid using Mac 220

Using Mac 217 dust on Foxy all over the lid

using Mac 217 pack on the color Snake Bite on to the outer corner only like 2 to time to make it dark

Using Mac 224 with nothing on it your just going to blend in that outer corner into the crease

using Mac 217 pack on Busted on to the outer corner about 2 time to really darken up the look:)

taking Mac 224 and lightly blend it in to the crease color

using Mac 217 take the color Tease and blend this color above the crease to soften any harsh lines

using Mac 220 take the color Booty call and highlight the brow bone

using the same color and brush for hightlight add it to the inner tear duct

using Mac 219 Take Snake bit and Busted and add it to the outer lower lashes

using the same brush add Booty call to the inner lower lashes

Color in eyebrows

add eyeliner and mascara all done:)