Feb 22, 2012

Greens for daytime using Sephora bag palette

Hi, lovely beauties Here is a look using the Sephora bag palette which I'm liking so far the colors are so pigmented:) Since I got it I saw the green colors and said to myself, I have to try those green colors first. so I did hehe:) I created this green look which I think is great for day time if you want some color:) Hope you guys like this look let me know your thought:) XOXO Lore

Picture tutorial using Sephora Bag Palette

Start with a primer and White base.

Take Mac 239 and apply color #1 on to the lid only.

Take Mac 217 and add color #2 onto the crease creating the shape you see in the picture:)

Take Mac 217 and add color #3 onto the outer corner and pack it on a few times don't blend yet.

Taking Mac 224 brush blend that dark green color smoothly into the crease and lightly above it, Them take Mac 217 and add color #4 above the crease to blend in any harsh lines.

Take Mac 239 and apply color #5 to the tear duck and blend up into color #2 lightly. Then using the same brush add color # 6 to the brow bone to highlight:)

Shade in eyebrows, apply liner, and mascara all done.

What colors would you like to see in my next look?? Please let me know in the comments:) Thank you:)


  1. You look gorgeous!!!!! You are so talented! I envy you!
    I would like to see those purples or grey colors :-)

    I just started following you

  2. You do the best tutorials!! And I love this green look! Too bad I don't own the palette but maybe I can re-create this look with a palette of mine (:

  3. I really love that you started showing the steps to achieving each look. Your eyes came out amazing! Green looks really good on you. What I can see of your outfit it's cute too.

  4. you have a great blog, and i love this look, it looks so great on you! =)

  5. nice eye makeup lorena!


  6. really gorgeous, i love the step by step pictures, they are awesome! xx
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  7. Lorena! That green is poppin' girl! I LOVE IT! That color is so beautiful. I know it's a blend, but it's gorgeous. Hmmm, next? Can you do a fierce blue? :)

  8. You're totally rocking those greens Lorena! Awesome look!

  9. Thank you all so much for you comments they really mean a lot to me!:) I'm very happy to know you guys are enjoying my picture tutorials. And I love doing them for you guys:)

  10. wow!!! Gorgeous blending and layering of colors. You are talented, girl!