Oct 25, 2011

Daytime Smokey Eyes using WnW I Love Matte Palette

Hey,dolls! I got the WnW I heart matte palette:) yay! I was so excited to find the palette after going to a few Walgreens..I couldn't wait to use the palette so I created this Daytime smokey look using all the colors on the right side which are the neutral colors :) Hope you enjoy the look:) XoXo Lore


  1. Very pretty look. Lucky you I hope I find them too!

  2. nice colors! you did a great job again ;-)

  3. I think you should get paid by Wet n Wild for all of this free advertisement! I mean, how many people have gone a bought their makeup because of your looks? I bet a ton! I know I really want this palette now!

  4. How gorgeous are YOU! Gorgeous palette! Wonderful application. I agree with the reader above. You should get paid for this. Start a twitter account and when you do a post add them to it. So they can start SEEing your blog and talent! :D

  5. Great look! I want this palette!

  6. You are absolutely stunning. I love this whole look. You are making me want to get this palette now! I love all of your looks. :)

  7. @Tiffany Thank You! Hope you find the Palette girl:)

    @Nessa Thanks girl!

    @Hunter87 Thank you! I'm so happy I found the palette:) Hope you find it too:)

    @CottonCandyink Thank you for you lovely comments:)

  8. @Starryskie214 Thank You:)

    @Sassyuptownchic Thank You for your sweet comments an the Twitter idea I got an account my twitter name is ibeauty85 Hope you follow me so I can follow back:)

    @polaberry Thank you! Hope you get your hands on one of this palette it's a great palette to have in your collection:)

    @Shannyn Thank you! I'm glad you like my look more to come so stay tune:)

  9. Soo pretty. I love your side braid, too! I'm still on the hunt for this palette.. I have another 2 locations I'm going to hit during my lunch break today!