Nov 27, 2011

My Thanksgiving Day

Hi,dolls Hope your Thanksgiving was Great and full of Thankfulness,Love,Family,Friends,Food,and lots of Beauty can't forget that lol:)
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Family. My sister n law did all the cooking she took my kids over with her,she said they were her little helpers they were all happy to help.Mean while I spend time with my mom since I don't get see her often we had lots to catch up. When dinner time came,I ate so much I could barley breath lol. I am so Thankful for Everything I have mainly my Family especially my kids and my wonderful husband. Here are a few pictures of Thanksgiving Day:)

The Makeup

Dior 970 Stylish Move

My Beautiful Mom and I. I love her so much and very Thankful to have her.

My mom,sister n law Michelle she is like a second mom I been knowing her since I was 5 very Thankful to have her too,and me:)

Me outfit of the night:)

The reason I smile everyday My loves My Children Estevan,Denise,George,Jose:) Very Thankful to have my wonderful,funny, trouble makers,lovable sweet,smart kids:)

I'm very Thankful for having my Dad,Brothers Nieces:)Love you all Familia:)

I want to give a spacial Thank You to all my followers,For your support and for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment:) I really appreciate it.Thank you all so Much!!:) XOXO Lore


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Your makeup & outfit look amazing! Love the scarf :)

  2. @cottoncandyink Thank you:)

    @Tiffany Thank you:)

  3. Lovely scarf!!!
    Your makeup looked very pretty.

  4. Lorena, you looked great girl! And your family is so pretty!!! I know you all had a great time. Your mom is BEAUTIFUL! The apple never falls far from the tree. Thanks for sharing these moments. Love that scarf too! :D

  5. @SadeeStyle Thank You:)

    @Hunter87 Thank You :)

    @SassyuptownChic Kim, You are very sweet..I'm Happy to share my special moments with you guys! I'm glad you enjoy know about them. Thank You:)

  6. Beautiful look.. love your outfit, too. You look completely polished!

  7. You made me teary eye.. Love your Blog!!

  8. Love your blog <3 <3