Dec 12, 2011

Holiday Look #2 Jewel colors

Hi,Gorgeous dolls, It's a rainy day here in Cali.It's so cold:/,But I like it more then the heat so I cant complain:) OK today I created another Holiday look I was inspired my the Christmas trees that have lots of jewel colors they are so Gorgeous!!I used Mostly NYX eye shadows to create this look. Ive been so into drugstore shadows that my high-end eye shadows are sad lol I'll get to them soon hehe lets get to the pictures enjoy love you guys!! XOXO Lore

Mostly NYX Golden,Ocean,Purple,Black,Jordana Pencil,and Mabelline Lien forgot to put it in the picture.
How to: Apply Primer or base or both then apply Golden to the Lid,add Purple into the crease, I take it above the crease. It's your choose how high you want to go. I pack on the color like 3 times then apply Black to the outer-v blending lightly in to the purple, then apply the Highlight. When your done with all these steps get a clean blending brush and lightly blend between the crease and the highlight to finish the eyeshadow part. For the lower lash get a turquoise color pencil and line the lower lashes then add ocean eyeshadow over it,then add black liner mascara and your done:)

Wet n Wild Blush Heather Silk I'm loving this blush<3
Wet n Wild Mega glo in Strike a pose rose

Revlon Colorburst Petal
Revlon Colorburst Pink Sugar
Senna lip liner Doll

Do you guys Prefer drugstore or high-end looks or both?


  1. I LOVE NYX products! This is such a pretty and colorful look!

  2. wow! Okay I love your creativity. I would of never thought to mix all of those colors together, but you can surely pull it off.

    BTW I like seeing both drugstore and high-end looks, both give me alot of inspiration.

  3. I love the colors you used very pretty look!

  4. @BeautyonaCollegebudget Thank You!! I love NYX too. I think the quality is great!

    @Cottoncandyink Thank you!:)

    @Tiffany Thank you! I love mixing colors. I always swatch the colors on my hand to see what colors look good together.

    @Hunter87 Thank You!:)

    @Polaberry Thank you girl,I love the colors too!:)

  5. So gorgeous!!! You blend so well!!
    I love both drugstore and highend looks!! But lately I've been more into drugstore looks.

  6. This is such a gorgeous combo.. NYX gold is such a pretty shade!

  7. What fabulous colors. I love the blue eyeshadow on the lower lid, it's a big trend here. Thanks for sharing. :)

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    Send me the link to yours and I'll be sure to return the favor. :)

  8. Hey girl, I just came across your blog and I am lovin all of your looks :) Great job! Keep up the good work...looking forward to seeing more looks from you.

  9. I like a mix of both! I think there are good and bad on both ends. Lorena, I love plums and raspberries. That's the first thing that came to mind. You look GORGEOUS girl! Keep rockin the sweetness! :D

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  11. i love all the color you use!!! :) wish colors would look that good on me! ♥

  12. Love all the colors u used and the fact that u used drugstore items are even better...thanks for sharing im following your beautiful blog.