Dec 11, 2011

My Makeup Area/How I Organize

Hello,My lovely dolls Today I want to share with you My Makeup area this is my little area where I spend a few hours everyday lol...and how I have everything Organized. I wish it would look like this all the time, but nope it gets messy lol I got the idea of doing this post from Blog post Makeup collection tag. Hope you all had a great weekend!!XOXO Lore

My Makeup Area I love to spend time in here it just makes me feel happy and in a great mood, When I'm stress or I don't feel good..the power of the makeup lol:)

My table- I have the things I usually use everyday my face stuff,eyeliner,mascara,primer,etc

This is where I have all My MAC eye shadows, Eyeshadow Palettes,and Perfumes.

Right here I have some of my Drugstore eye shadows Wet n wild,Maybelline,and L'Oreal Hip duos

Here I have some more Drugstore eye shadows Elf,Revlon,NYX,Sally Hansen,etc.

In here I have some high-end eyeshadow palettes DIOR,Chanel,Lancome,etc

These are my Blushes I have them all together drugstore and high-end I love them both lol

Here I have Lip liners,Lip glosses,Lipsticks

This is where I have My Foundations,Concealers that half I dont like lol,and face powders

Here I have all my Nail Polishes


  1. you really got nice stuff!!! i love it!! nice post!!!=)

  2. I love cosmetics!!!!!!))) And your blog)
    Follow me and i follow you back!)*

  3. You're very well-organized, no wonder your makeup work is so professional. You've inspired me to clean up my makeup drawer. :)

    I would love it if you could like my Facebook page for style updates straight to your hompage (send me the link to yours and I'll be sure to return the favor):

    Stay stylish :)

  4. You have an awesome collection of makeup! You have so much WNW palettes! *envious*
    I love having my own little makeup space too, everything is better when I'm surrounded by cosmetics. Lol.

  5. I like this blog. How u can follow me as well. That xmas makeup post looks nice. Thanks

  6. Looks like you have your own little makeup store! Love it so fun & girly :)

  7. Dang girl you are super organized! I WISH mine would look like that! It would last all of 5 seconds!

  8. Lorena, that is neat and sweet girl! Everything has a place. Look at your organization! I think that's wonderful. I don't have much makeup to organize. 3 nail polishes, 2 blushes...LMAO!!! I admire you beauty makeup queens! :D All kidding aside, it looks wonderful girl.

  9. Awesome blog! You do so beautiful looks, I'm fascinated! ♥
    Thanks for posting your storage! (:

  10. girl i could prolly fit all my makeup in 2 little pink baskets of yours!!! lol.. i love how u keep them all neat and nice!! :)

  11. I love the room, wish I had all that space/ all those products myself! It's always fun to see how everyone else stores their makeup. I was looking through all your old posts and I'm seriously in love with your makeup looks, like I wish I could do intense stuff like that but I just don't have the eye shape.

  12. I'm the same way as you.. when I feel bad I go spend time with my stash and it kind of makes things all better most of the time lol. LOVED this post.. I really like seeing other ladies' set ups ;) I love the thing you have all your lip products in!

  13. I have a lot of the same exact makeup as you. Too funny. So how to do you like the Stila palette? I'm interesteed in it and also the Kirkland brushes you purchased. Worth buying?

  14. Love this post! Great collection, it all looks so cute the way you have it organized!

  15. you have an amazing makeup collection... really very nice...
    thanks for sharing