Oct 28, 2013

Fall Look w/Picture tutorial Maybelline Coral Oasis

Hi, everyone it's been a while since my last post, But I'm back and I'm here to stay lol..So let's get started. I created this Fall look using Maybelline eyestudio quad in Coal Oasis beautiful colors btw , but since the colors are all Shimmery I used two matte colors from Coastal scents which are Oktoberfest and Oatmeal Tan. Great colors for the crease! I really like how this look turn out. Down below I did a picture tutorial so hope you enjoy and it's helpful. Let me know your thoughts! XOXO Lorena
First I used a flat eye shadow brush and apply the lightest color in the quad on to my brow bone.
Then I took Coastal scents oatmeal tan and a blending brush and apply it to my crease.
Then I took coastal scents oktoberfest and applied it to my crease as well.
Using a flat eye shadow brush I applied the yellowish gold color to the inner part of my lid. And the orange color to my outter part of my lid.
Then using MAC 217 brush I took the darkest color in the palette and applied it to the outer corner blending it out.
Then using the two coastal scent eye shadows I lightly went back with my blending brush and blended above the dark brown.
Clean up time.
add eyeliner and mascara and your all done hope you guys like this look as much as me!